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Advantages of high altitude sliding method for installation space frame

In recent years, the construction of space frame roof by high altitude parallel slip method has been increasing, which is especially suitable for projects such as movie theaters and auditoriums. With this construction method, most of the space frame is assembled on the roof of the front hall of the building with an assembled platform (also can be assembled on the grandstand of the audience hall with an assembled platform), until the assembly unit at the front of the assembly is assembled. Then, it falls to the slip track, with traction equipment forward sliding distance.

Advantages of high altitude sliding method for installation space frameNext, the second unit is assembled on the assembly platform, and after the assembly is completed, it slides forward together with the previous assembly unit, so that the assembly keeps sliding forward segment by segment until the whole space frame is assembled and slides to the position.
The construction of space frame structure is carried out by high altitude sliding method, because the space frame assembly is carried out on the roof platform of the front hall, thus reducing the danger of high altitude operation. In comparison with the high-altitude assembling method, the assembling platform is small, and can save materials and guarantee the assembling quality of the space frame. Because of the sliding construction of the space frame assembly, it can be parallel to the civil construction and the three-dimensional crossing, so it can shorten the whole project period. High – altitude sliding construction equipment is simple, generally do not need large lifting installation equipment, and the construction costs can be reduced.