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Installation procedure

Avoid welding and processing on site as much as possible. Most of our products are bolted (a small number of welding or other treatment methods), the installation period is shorter, and the requirements on workers are lower. Factory manufacturing can avoid the safety hazards of on-site welding.

1.Each project must be individually prepared for the construction plan, not universal

2.After the design idea is determined, the installation idea must also be determined and the installation possibility calculated

3.Solution evaluation, construction drawings, processing drawings, manufacturing, inspection, shipping, construction and other complete solutions, and must be complete to solve safety problems

4.Some projects are recommended to be installed by Chinese skilled workers, and some can be installed by domestic workers, depending on whether the installation of the structure is sufficiently safe and whether there are hidden dangers due to poor installation. LF provides two types of installation services.

The first type: Chinese workers undertake the construction of the main structure, and the cladding structure can be either provided or not.

The second type: the technical team tracks the guidance service, sends an engineer to the guidance, and installs it with local workers.