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Fabrication design

All production is completed in the factory, and the components are miniaturized to facilitate transportation.

1.The key to the processing of the rods of the space frame  frame is the welding of the sealing plate or the cone head and the steel pipe. The specification requires the welding seam level to be two grades. Although the general space frame  frame processing plants are equipped with automatic welding machines, the angle, speed and welding gun The swing position and speed still need to be manipulated manually. They will ultimately have a great impact on the welding quality of the space frame  frame members. Therefore, the space frame  frame processing plant needs a mature, proven and effective rod welding process.

2.Bolt ball processing belongs to finishing. The accuracy of the final angle of the screw hole is the key to the quality of the bolt ball. The key to the angle accuracy is the accuracy of the tooling fixture.

3.The key to the processing of the bearing support is the verticality of the component and the quality of the weld.