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Application of the whole steel structure in the metallurgical mine project

In view of metallurgical mine projects, more buildings in the construction are still used for concrete structures, and steel structures are usually applied to many aspects such as maintenance platforms, support, brackets, and large-span covers. Its main factors are mainly divided into two aspects. One factor is that after the founding of the country, for a long time, my country has always been in the phenomenon of severely insufficient steel output, which leads to certain limitations of the application of steel structures; in addition On the other hand, due to the influence of the accumulation of years, most designers are more familiar with the concrete structure, so they are more willing to apply concrete structures, which has a serious impact on the promotion and application of steel structures based on this. The main characteristics of the steel structure include a variety of advantages such as a short construction period, high accuracy, high-strength light quality, and simpler demolition and transformation. Based on this, the instance of the project is introduced in metallurgical mining projects.

steel structure engineering construction

1 The advantage of steel structure in engineering construction

1.1 Structure Lightweight and High -strength, good seismic performance

The main materials that the steel structure has just adopted include Q235 and Q355 steel. Its structure has high strength. Once the load of the same degree is needed, compared with other structures, the self-weight of the steel structure will be lighter than other structures, and of. The seismic effect of the steel structure is relatively low. In addition, it is very easy to install and transport the steel structure. The main advantage of the steel structure is high. In the specific application process, it can give full play to the various performances just now, including high strength, strong plastic deformation ability, and strong ability. There are many characteristics such as high latency and relatively high coordination and deformation capabilities for different constructions. At the same time, it has the ability to resist deformation and seismic resistance. It is a structure with a high degree of safety.

1.2 Energy -saving consumption reduction, resources can be reused

The specific consumption resources of the steel structure building are about 900kg/m². However, the consumption resources of the steel mixed structure are usually above 1700kg/m². In the process of construction engineering or demolition, it can reduce pollution to the environment and air. After the life of the building expires in the specific application process, the solid waste generated during the demolition of the structure is relatively low. Higher recycling value. The method of referring to the steel structure construction is a thousand-type construction. This method is more saved in water use, and the construction area occupied is small. The noise and dust are not high and will not affect people. Structural buildings can meet the relevant standards of my country, meet the regulations and requirements of energy conservation and consumption reduction, and sustainable development in my country, and can improve economic and social benefits and environmental benefits. At present, my country’s coal mines are relatively serious. Compared with the original design of the mine service, the specific production period of the mine is also constantly shortening. The structure cannot meet the expectations of the design and use period. It has caused a serious waste of Chinese mines. Based on this, if the steel structure can be demolished and reconstructed by the application of steel structures, it can greatly increase recycling value and significance. However, the concrete structure and the gas structure building are meaningless and effectively compared.

1.3 Flexible structure layout, strong adaptability

The structure layout is flexible, strong adaptable light steel structure column distance and opening layout has strong flexibility, according to the specific needs and standards of each process, equipment layout and other aspects can be better adapted to all the walls belonging to the non-bearing wall, with strong flexibility of division, promote the future renovation; The main materials used in its exterior wall belong to the lightweight type, and the color is very rich, so it not only has a good appearance image, but also can promote the beautification of the factory area, and has many advantages.

1.4 Compliance with industrial policy

The industrialization of steel structure is high, and in the specific production process, it has the advantages of series, scale, and factory. Compared with the traditional brick-concrete structure and steel concrete structure in the past, the construction cycle of the steel structure is short and the cost is low. The efficiency in the application process can effectively reduce construction costs and improve economic and social benefits. In the specific application process, the construction method of the steel structure is mainly used. It is mainly carried out through the on-site lifting assembly and the construction method of all-weather operations. It is necessary to perform various procedures such as steel bars bundled with a small amount of concrete structure. This application can reduce the construction period of the site. In the process of connecting different steel structures, it is mainly connected through welding. In this way, it can make more simplify the procedures in accordance with the rules and regulations, thereby improving the overall efficiency and purple floods of the on-site construction, which effectively shortens the investment recovery period of the enterprise, thereby reducing the investment recovery period of the enterprise. improve corporate economic benefits.

1.5 The advantages of good economic benefits and small steel structures have many advantages and have excellent performance, and they have excellent performance

They can reduce their own weight. At the same time, it is possible to reduce the building of the building and reduce the treatment of the foundation pit and the foundation of the foundation. cost. At the same time, the concrete materials that can reduce the foundation of consumption and pour the foundation have a significant application advantage in the application of steel structures for poor foundation conditions for the construction site, and the economic significance is very obvious. It can be seen that the steel structure construction process can greatly improve the construction speed, shorten the construction cycle, and just in the specific application of the later period has a high recovery value, reduce the construction investment of coal mines, and constantly strengthen the relevant ability of enterprises to adjust investment and resist risks.

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2 Application of the whole steel structure in the metallurgical mine project

2.1 Engineering Example

This project is a dry-election project for the company’s iron ore. The project mainly includes two warehouse buildings, two independent storage warehouses, transport stations, and twelve tape machinery corridors. The warehouse buildings are dry elections and rollers, and the storage warehouses include cylindrical warehouses and crude ore warehouses. Before the construction site, it belonged to the hillside wasteland. The landform was eroded by the hills. After the site was excavated, the local venue was relatively flat. Because of the influence of the terrain and landforms, some of the buildings constructed are located on the edge of the slope. In this case, the impact of the weight of the plant and the vibration of the equipment on the slope will be severely increased. The construction of engineering construction is very unfavorable, so the effect of the steel structure is far more than the application effect of concrete. In addition, the owner also hopes to use a significant advantage to complete the construction of engineering projects. The second project is mainly Australia Karara Magnet Mining Project. The construction of this project is mainly due to the remote construction venues and scarce people around them, increasing the cost of transportation and labor costs, which causes the concrete structure to be affected by the high cost. To maximize, the use of steel structure is a very effective construction plan.

2.2 Dry Selection Room

The length and width ratio of the dry election interview is 50m: 17m, the maximum position of the highest position is 29.21m, the pillar spacing is 5m, and the span between the left and right spans is inconsistent, which is 9m and 7m, respectively. There are a total of 5 stem machines, 5 corresponding mineral warehouses, 5 ore belts, and 1 mineral warehouse in the plant. The axis AB span requires a crane that can complete the maintenance work. 1 can be completed. The entire structure is mainly a space frame. Among them, the steel structure selected by the beam pillars is hot -rolled H -shaped steel. The main reason for achieving a good support effect is to choose a round steel pipe. The overall welding materials of the ore warehouse are steel plates, which are made of welding of multiple steel plates of different sizes. The roof is selected from the pressure steel plate, which is open around it. The pressure steel plate mainly uses the coating plate or coating plate through the roller and directly follows the width of the plate to form a wave-shaped cross-shape. The pressure-type steel house has the characteristics of light weight, convenient construction, durability, and decorative characteristics, so it is usually used on the panel of the house, which can also effectively increase the side and vertical strength of the floor. The effect of completing the air cavity was completed, and its application value is very high. The calculation of the overall architectural structure is completed in the PKPM space model. The mineral warehouse usually uses independent compilation procedures to carry out construction operations. It is reflected in the beam component and combined with the overall combination to complete the calculation and analysis of the overall data.

2.3 Rolling room

The length between rollers is 34.5m, the width is 6m, the height of the highest position is 29.95m, the distance between columns is 6m, and the span is 13.5m. A high-pressure roller mill, a weighing bin, and a feeding belt machine are set up in the workshop, and a crane that can complete the maintenance work is also set up. The crane weighs 75t. The whole structure form is not the same as the structure between dry separation, which is mainly arranged, in which the steel structure selected by the lower column is lattice structure, the steel structure selected by the upper column is solid belly type, the lattice column decorations are mainly T-shaped steel structure, and the rest belong to the welded section, the steel structure selected by the platform beam is mainly hot-rolled H-section steel, in order to achieve good support effect, The type of supporting steel structure needs to choose channel steel and round steel pipe. Channel steel can be divided into ordinary channel steel and light channel steel. The specifications of hot-rolled ordinary channel steel are 5-40#. Channel steel can not only be used in building structure but also play a vital role in vehicle manufacturing and other industrial structures. Under normal circumstances, channel steel is also used in combination with I-steel. According to the specific shape of the channel, steel can be roughly divided into four kinds: cold curved equal channel steel, cold curved unequal channel steel, cold curved inner wound channel steel, and cold curved outer wound channel steel. From the theoretical analysis of steel structure, it can be seen that the stress of channel steel wing plate needs channel steel standing, not lying. The planking of the platform is mainly patterned steel plate; The roof is the same as the dry selection room with many advantages of the pressed steel plate, open all around. When calculating the specific value, the PKPM space model is also used to complete the specific construction.

2.4 Cylinder silo, coarse concentrate silo

The round and simple warehouse and the coarse concentrate warehouse all belong to the steel silo structure. The components of the steel silo structure include six aspects, which are the building on the silo, the top of the silo, the wall of the silo, the bottom of the silo, the supporting structure under the silo, and the basic structure. The diameter of the cylindrical silo is 9m, and the overall height is 23.67m. The overall height of the building on the silo is 8.17m, the height of the silo wall is 8.9m, and the overall height of the supporting structure under the silo is 6.6m. Usually, the supporting structure under the warehouse selected for engineering construction is mainly in the form of “column support”, which can effectively ensure the stability of the overall structure of the building and effectively improve the lateral stiffness. The calculation and decomposition of a cylindrical silo mainly include three parts: the building on the silo, the steel silo, and the supporting structure. The steel silo is usually carried out by independent programming, and the buildings and supporting structures on the silo are completed by the PKPM space model. By using the correct calculation method, the steel silo’s self-weight, material weight, belt machine corridor load, wind load, and earthquake performance is accurately calculated. After obtaining the specific calculated value, the specific calculated value can be input into the support structure model as the maximum limit of load, to ensure the accuracy of the construction model data. If there are certain construction conditions, the above three parts can be put into a model at the same time to complete the calculation and analysis. The heating diameter of the coarse concentrate bin is 7.5m, and the overall height is set to 20m, in which the height of the building on the bin is 5.17m, the height of the bin wall is lower than the height of the building on the bin, its height is 5m, and the overall height of the supporting structure under the bin is higher than the height of the building on the bin, its value is 9.9m. With a 4.45m elevation, there is a platform for discharging the belt machines. The calculation content and method of the coarse concentrate bin is the same as that of the cylinder concise bin.

2.5 Adhesive tape machine

The main application of the corridor belt machine is the external suspension of the corridor, and the main form of the cross-section of the corridor body is covered without strength. The structure of the gallery body is mainly reflected in the space truss, the upper chord and the lower chord are respectively adopted channel steel and Angle steel, the abdominal rod is usually applied Angle steel, and the span of the gallery body is usually about 20 meters. In the calculation of the gallery, the body is mainly divided into two parts, respectively vertical truss and horizontal truss, in the process of specific analysis, the need to use the PKPM steel structure two-dimensional design of the “truss” module, and then through the role of the common chord continuous superposition effect, according to the limit of carrying capacity and normal use of the limit, in two states for checking. The corridor supports are mainly divided into two types, namely, monolithic support and a fixed support. The monolithic support is a double column and the fixed support is a four-column. When its height is less than 8 meters, it can be carried out by using the constant section support, and when its height is more than 8 meters, it needs to apply for the variable section support. The top width of the support is taken from the width of the body truss, and the bottom width is determined according to the calculation. The support is calculated by using the “support” module in the two-dimensional design of PKPM steel structures. In the process of engineering design, the calculation and analysis of the horizontal truss of the corridor may be ignored under normal circumstances. Based on this, we should pay more attention to this aspect. If under certain conditions, it is recommended to use the spatial model of corridor and support in the specific analysis process. It is usually carried out in a horizontal way, using a concrete structure, but in the KARARA project, the concentration tank is embodied in an overhead form, using a steel structure. The concentration pool is mainly divided into three parts, which are the foundation part, the supporting structure part, and the tank part. The tank and the supporting structure are used as the equipment steel structure. Corresponding equipment is provided by the manufacturers. For the same structure, detailed calculations and analysis can be carried out by using general finite element software.

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3 Comparison of steel structure and concrete structure

The steel structure and concrete structure can be found in the process of comparison. After all, the steel structure has more disadvantages, and there are certain disadvantages. The advantages of steel structures are fully expressed in the above content, and its disadvantages are that the weather resistance and corrosiveness of the steel structure are low. In the construction of metallurgical mining projects, most of the fire risk of construction buildings has various categories. Its classification can be divided into two categories, which are Ding and Patriotic Class. do not need to apply fire protection and heat insulation measures. Because the corrosion resistance of the steel structure is not high, it is necessary to paint it to avoid rust. Therefore, in this case, the related cost of maintenance will be greatly increased. In engineering, in the process of choosing steel structure and concrete structure, it is necessary to consider two aspects of factors, respectively economic and technical. The application of steel structure in metallurgical mine engineering is mainly in the case of belt machine corridors, derricks, and well towers. Compared with concrete structure, steel structure has higher technical advantages. Under the same technical conditions, the technical advantages of steel structures and concrete structures are very significant in various fields. Under normal circumstances, the cost of a steel structure is relatively higher than that of a concrete structure. However, due to the relatively strong deadweight of the steel structure, it can effectively reduce the basic cost of the project. The short construction period of steel structure can ensure that the capital turnover is accelerated, and the project can be invested as early as possible in the project operation, so as to effectively obtain economic benefits. In addition, steel structures can be better recycled, which is also a higher income. Based on this, it can be found that the economy of steel structures is not at a disadvantage compared with that of the concrete structure.

4 The gap between the steel structure industry and the future trend

With the development of science and technology, the steel structure of our country has developed rapidly since reform and opening. The steel varieties and specifications are more and more complete, the quality of steel has been greatly improved, the form of steel structure is more and more novel, and the design and construction technology of steel structure is more and more developed. The steel structure industry in our country with the amount of steel currently occupies about 4% of the total steel products in our country, compared with the developed countries, there is a big gap. Domestic steel can realize the relevant requirements and standards of steel structure processing, but compared with foreign countries, there is still a certain gap in specific varieties, specifications, performance, and other aspects, such as high strength thick plate, high strength and large specification ultra-thick H-beam steel and so on. At present, in terms of buildings and Bridges, Japan has widely promoted the strength of Q690 grade steel, and the development of this mechanical steel is very mature. Based on this, in the future development process, the new requirements for steel products in our country are put forward. For steel products, we need to be the first to meet the needs of the development of foreign steel structures in quality, specification, and variety, occupy an important position in the relevant industry, and the application and development of high-performance steel products in relevant fields is the world’s leader; To ensure that the parts of steel structure products and related supporting technology can achieve the international advanced technology level, will focus on this technology. In the industry position, the various advantages of steel structure with a relatively prominent proportion of output value can gradually become a new development in the potential market, independent innovation technology, so as to give full play to the advantages and functions of steel structure, so that its quality has been significantly improved and widely publicized in various fields of application. It can play a positive role in promoting the related supporting products and components, strengthening the steel structure industry, making it a strategic emerging industry in our country, and meeting the development goal of the steel structure. The innovation of building steel structures is the inevitable result of the progress of human society and science and technology.