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Beam free shell dome

The beam – free dome is a beam – free steel shell structure.The shell is a self – bearing system, each point of the shell is subjected to tensile and compressive stress and shear stress, without bending.

Beam free shell dome is a shell formed by cutting steel plate and pressing it into corresponding hyperboloid, which is assembled and welded.The thickness of the steel shell wall is determined according to the size and load of the dome.

All kinds of decorative accessories on the beam free shell dome are directly fixed on the shell structure.The dome of mosque is a typical beam free dome structure.

The beam free shell type mosque dome generally adopts q235B steel plate with a thickness of 3-4 mm, which is pressed into hyperbole tiles. The steel plate with a thickness of 6 mm is used as the stiffening rib. The tiles are first tightened with bolts, and the joint part is fully welded by electric welding.This structure is relatively inexpensive.