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Brief analysis on the important points of ensuring quality in the construction of space frame steel structure engineering

Brief analysis on the important points of ensuring quality in the construction of space frame steel structure engineering

Briefly analyze the five major factors that affect the construction quality of space frame steel structure engineering construction quality. Total quality management must adhere to the basic idea of “prevention first, combined prevention and control”, and focus management on factors such as human, material, machine, law and environment that affect the quality of work.

1.People are the subject of quality activities. This refers to units, organizations and individuals related to space frame engineering, including construction, survey and design, construction, supervision and consulting service units, as well as government supervisors and engineering quality supervision and testing units. Decision makers, managers and operators of construction projects organized by units.

2.Material control includes the control of raw materials, finished products, semi-finished products and components, etc. The quality inspection should be strictly controlled to ensure the correct and reasonable use of materials, establish management accounts, and carry out technical management of each link such as receipt, delivery, storage, and transportation. Avoid mixing materials. The content of material quality control mainly includes: material quality standards, material properties, material sampling, test methods, material application scope and construction requirements, etc. Material quality inspection generally has four methods: written inspection, appearance inspection, physical and chemical inspection and non-destructive inspection. According to the specific conditions of the material information and guarantee materials, the quality of the materials is divided into three types: exemption, random inspection and all inspection.

3.The selection of mechanical equipment for the construction of steel structure engineering of mechanical equipment should not only consider factors such as construction site conditions, building structure type, mechanical equipment performance, etc., but also combine construction technology and methods, construction organization and management, and construction Various influencing factors such as technology, economy, etc., conduct multi-scheme demonstration and comparison, and strive to obtain better comprehensive economic benefits. The selection of mechanical equipment should be controlled from three aspects: the selection of mechanical equipment, the main performance parameters of mechanical equipment, and the operation requirements of mechanical equipment. It is necessary to improve the & ldquo; fixed man-machine & rdquo; system, & ldquo; operating certificate & rdquo; system, post responsibility system, shift shift system, & ldquo; technical maintenance & rdquo; system, & ldquo; safe use & rdquo; system and machinery and equipment inspection system, etc., to ensure The mechanical equipment is in the best condition.

4.Process method The technical plan, process flow, organization and implementation, testing methods and construction organization design adopted during the construction period of the space frame steel structure construction project all belong to the category of process methods.

5.Environment There are many environmental factors that affect the quality of space frame steel structure construction projects, including engineering technology environment, engineering management environment, and labor environment. The impact of environmental factors on quality is complex and changeable. Therefore, according to the characteristics and specific conditions of the project, effective measures should be taken to strictly control the environmental factors affecting quality. Especially at the construction site, a civilized construction and production environment should be established, materials and work pieces should be stacked in an orderly manner, roads are unobstructed, workplaces are clean and tidy, and construction procedures should be in order, creating good conditions to ensure quality and safety.