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China Steel Structure Gold Awards – Gansu Provincial Gymnasium

In 2019, the Gansu Provincial Gymnasium Project won the first batch of the “China Steel Structure Gold Award”. The award is the highest honor for engineering quality in China’s construction steel structure industry.

With a total construction area of 51,796.06 square meters, the Gymnasium of Gansu Province is a comprehensive gymnasium with complete equipment, complete functions and high intelligence. The Gansu Provincial Gymnasium project is a steel-pillar column structure, which is divided into four sections for installation and welding. It is a roof truss structure, a lower chord plane structure, an intermediate support structure, and a winding arch structure altogether. The maximum span of things is 77.8 meters, and the north-south direction is 109.2 meters. The cantilevered part is a two-layer 15-meter span structure. The building height is 32.4 meters.

The facade consists of steel structure, aluminum sheet and glass curtain wall, which provides good lighting for the interior, and allows the venue to shine under the sunlight of the outside. At night, it can also show the effect of three-dimensional light show (the ellipse visible from the sky). The shape design seamlessly connects the two main buildings of the competition hall and the training hall. The facade is made up of 12,320 flying wing veneers, which is quite difficult to install compared to the large aluminum veneers.
Gansu Provincial Gymnasium is currently a high-quality gymnasium in Northwest China.