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Construction technology of curved spherical space frame (Part 1)

The curved spherical space frame is one of the new roof load-bearing structures. As a multiple statically determined space structure system, the curved spherical space frame further strengthens its own load capacity on the basis of changing the stress state of the conventional plane frame structure, so it has been widely concerned. In the specific curved spherical space frame construction process, in order to ensure the construction quality to the greatest extent, the curved spherical space frame construction technology generally has higher requirements.

1.Advantages of curved spherical space frame structure

1.1 The overall force of the space frame is more scientific and reasonable

The curved spherical space frame structure is a common type of high -end super -static structure system in the current building field. Since the overall stiffness of the roof of this kind of building structure is uniform, the force transmission link when the column distance changes is simplified to a large extent. Therefore, in the construction process of space frame building, flexible application of curved spherical space frame structure can effectively avoid the force imbalance problem caused by the change of coordination column spacing. At the same time, through the scientific research on the space force of the grid structure, it can be found that the mechanical properties of the materials in the structure achieve the maximum utilization rate. For the plane truss support structure, the overall force of the space frame is more scientific and reasonable, which has important practical significance for ensuring the construction quality and extending the service life of the building.

1.2 The space frame structure has good seismic performance

Compared with analysis of curved spherical space frame structure and conventional roof system, it can be found that the conventional roof system itself is used as a flat force system. Its plane external stability and stability are generally required to use the support of the complex support system. This design idea will largely affect the strength of the rod, and it will also cause further increase in steel consumption. Due to the consideration of the various types, specifications and joints of the plane steel truss, it is necessary to adopt the construction technology of curved spherical space frame structure in order to effectively reduce the influence of the structure’s stress line length and ensure the seismic performance of the structure as a whole. Steel trusses and roof panels have large deadweight, and hoisting operations generally require large machinery.

1.3 Enhance the visual aesthetics of architectural shape

In the process of architectural engineering design and construction, the application of curved spherical space frame structure greatly reduces the spatial height of the building and promotes the improvement of the overall visual aesthetic effect of the building. At the same time, considering the low weight of the curved spherical space frame structure itself, it also ensures the convenience and lightness of the roof construction to a certain extent. In addition. Curved spherical space frame structure construction time requirements are low, generally only need to use small machinery can complete a series of installation tasks. In addition, the specification type and node type of the space frame structure are relatively few, so it directly determines the application advantage of the simplicity of the curved spherical space frame structure itself.