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Indented Pressure Steel Plate

Vertical rib (web) plate along the plate transverse shrinkage, shrinkage at the opening is not more than 20mm compression steel plate.

Characteristics: used as a template in the construction stage, can replace the force reinforcement in the normal stage, such as the load is larger then need to install additional force reinforcement; fire situation, need to configure fire-resistant reinforcement.


Indented Pressure Steel Plate

Commonly used models:

1.YXB51-155-620(S), with a rib height of 51mm, consisting of four waves, each with a wave spacing of 155mm, and an effective width of 620mm (without considering the lap width), is cold rolled and hot dipped galvanized steel sheet with a width of 1090mm is cold pressed into shape, with a utilization rate of 56.9%.

2.YXB51-190-760(S) has a wave height of 51mm, consisting of four waves, each with a pitch of 190mm and an effective width of 760mm, and it adopts a cold-rolled hot-dip galvanized steel sheet with an unfolded width of 1250mm for cold-pressing molding, which has a moderate utilization rate and a strong bearing capacity.

3.YXB51-200-600(S) is a type of indented compression steel plate, its rib height is 51mm, consists of three waves, each wave spacing is 200mm, the effective width of the whole plate is 600mm, the width of the unfolded width is 1000mm, the utilization rate is 60%.