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Is insulated plus glazed glass recommended in arid areas?

In arid areas, the use of insulating and glued glass may be a good choice because it has some properties that are adapted to arid environments:

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1. Thermal insulation: Insulating glass has good thermal insulation properties, which can effectively reduce heat transfer and lower indoor temperature, thus reducing air conditioning and energy consumption.

2. UV Resistance: Insulating glass can often be selected in versions with UV-resistant coatings, which help to reduce the penetration of UV rays and protect the contents and people in the mall from UV damage.

3. Wind and dust resistance: Insulating glass structures are stronger than single-pane glass, providing better protection against strong winds and dust storms, and keeping the interior of the mall clean and safe.

4. Reduces condensation: The insulating glass structure can reduce condensation caused by the temperature difference between indoors and outdoors, helping to maintain the clarity and transparency of the glass surface.

5. Noise reduction: insulating glass has better sound insulation performance, which can effectively reduce the incoming outdoor noise and enhance the comfort of the shopping mall interior.

In summary, insulating and glued glass can provide good thermal insulation, UV resistance, wind, and dust resistance, etc. in arid areas, which is suitable for shopping mall glass domes, but the specific choice still needs to consider the needs of shopping malls, budget and other factors.