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Lighting form and installation steps of steel structure workshop

As a commonly used structural form in industrial and commercial buildings, the steel structure factory is also a very important part of the roofing method. Roof lighting can improve the internal lighting conditions of the plant, save energy, enhance the image of the building, and improve the overall aesthetics. At the same time, it can also improve the comfort and work efficiency of staff.

Steel structure Factory building surface lighting method:

  1. The transparent tile liquidity is mainly lighting with polycarbonate sunburn. It is necessary to make a curved or slope -shaped skeleton, and use the self -attack nail family aluminum alloy bar. There are also seals on the end. Polycarbonate sunlight is a durable lighting product designed for anti -climate interference. It must be carefully operated during installation. Damage and abrasions may affect its service life. The lighting plate is connected with the color steel plate, and the lighting plate should be covered above the color steel plate. The advantages of this method are good lighting effects, beautiful shapes, and moderate costs, suitable for small and medium -sized factories.
  2. Sky window lighting, the main use of glass fiber reinforcement lighting plate can be used to make a single board (matching with the roof color plate type), fix it with a self -attack nail with a saddle cushion, and the longitudinal long polypropylene tape is used to prevent water. It can be considered that the pre -drilling hole is slightly greater than the diameter of the self -attack nail to suppress the heating and swelling; it can also be made into a double -layer lighting window. The sunlight is directly introduced into the interior of the building. The advantage of this method is that the lighting effect is good, suitable for small buildings, but the disadvantage is that the construction is complicated and the cost is high.
  3. Side lighting, that is, a large area of glass windows or wall -mounted transparent boards are set on the wall of the plant, which uses natural light to come in. The advantages of this method are good lighting effects, simple construction, low cost, and suitable for large factory buildings.

Different roof lighting methods have their own advantages and disadvantages. The specifics should be selected according to the actual situation and use requirements of the plant. At the same time, it is necessary to consider how to coordinate the design of lighting and insulation, sound insulation, etc. in the roofing design to achieve the best comprehensive benefits.

Different lighting forms have different installation steps. Polycarbonate sunboard installation steps are:

  1. The diameter of the drilling must be 50%larger than the fixed diameter, which is used as armal expansion and contraction.
  2. A good waterproof pad must be used between the screw and the lighting plate to achieve the effect of waterproof and dustproof.
  3. Put a double -sided tape above the picture of the troping to avoid directly rubbing the light and the trophy.
  4. The position of the vertical overlap must be pasted with two double -sided tape to achieve the waterproof function.

The installation steps for the glass reinforcement panel are: glass reinforced reinforcement plates are made in the same model as the color steel plate. When the roof is long, the lighting is the same as the liter. If the lighting is set, the overlapping length is reserved. When the overlap, the lower layer is applied to glue all the way in the width direction, and then press the upper layer to press it. If the lighting plate is different from the color steel plate, the length of the pass is used. You can use FRP as a connection service to improve the sealing performance.