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Steel Classification in China

1、according to the chemical composition, steel is divided into carbon steel and alloy steel. Carbon steel according to the carbon content is divided into low carbon steel (C <0.25%), medium carbon steel (0.25% ≤ C ≤ 0.60%) and high carbon steel (C> 0.60%). Alloy steel according to the alloy content is divided into low alloy steel (<5%), medium alloy steel (5% ~ 10%) and high alloy steel (> 10%).

2、steel can be divided into structural steel, tool steel and special performance steel (such as weathering steel, fire-resistant steel, thickness of the direction of performance steel plate, low yield strength steel plate, steel plate for building structures, stainless steel, etc.). Structural steel is divided into construction steel and mechanical steel.

3、 steel according to the smelting method can be divided into converter steel, flat furnace steel and electric furnace steel (is a special alloy steel).

4、 according to the deoxidation method, steel is divided into boiling steel (code F), semi-sedated steel (code B), sedated steel (code Z) and special sedated steel (code TZ).

5、according to the molding method, steel is divided into rolled steel (hot rolled, cold rolled), cold-formed steel, forging steel and cast steel.

6、according to the state of use, steel is divided into cast steel, plate, pipe, profile, wire and bar, fasteners and welding materials.

7、According to the quality, it can be divided into ordinary steel, high-quality steel and high-performance steel.

Construction projects are used in carbon structural steel, low alloy high strength structural steel, high quality carbon structural steel. Carbon structural steel commonly used is Q235, low-alloy high-strength structural steel commonly used is Q355, high-quality carbon structural steel commonly used in the manufacture of bolts ball 45# high-quality carbon structural steel.