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Steel content of multi-storey steel frames

I.Multi-story steel structures according to the seismic intensity, the steel content can generally refer to the following ranges:

6 degree zone: 60~70kg/㎡

7 degree area: 70~80kg/㎡

8-degree area: 80~90kg/㎡

II.Corrugated web steel (section steel)

Webs save 20-30% of steel

Corrugated web steel

III. Ribbed thin-walled steel sections

Ribbed thin-walled steel sections

The section steel, ribbed thin-walled steel is to change the form of the structure of the web itself, to enhance the local stability of the web, and to reduce the effect of steel content.

Four, self-tapping screws, drill-tailed wire

Self-tapping screws are generally pointed, coarse teeth with, a hard texture, with a certain taper, so that “tapping”, not drilling.

Self-tapping screws

Drill-tailed wire with a drill bit in the head of the thread that can be drilled.

Drill-tailed wire