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Steel structure roof of Wuyuanhe Gymnasium in Haikou, radiating fish-bellied truss structure roof


The Wuyuanhe Gymnasiumsteel structure roof of Wuyuanhe Gymnasium adopts a radial fish-belly truss structure with a maximum height of 45 meters. “Steel structure is the top priority of this project, and the construction of the project is difficult, mainly in terms of large span, large volume, and many special materials. “The project leader Chen Xiandao introduced that after careful organization and design by the project department, and with the cooperation of all parties involved in the construction, the steel roof structure began to be hoisted on July 25 last year. After 180 days, it was completed on schedule. The main steel structure of the steel roof. “Look carefully, the outline of the steel roof after the topping looks like a big ship about to set sail?” Chen Xiandao introduced that the Haikou Gymnasium project started on May 18, 2019, and it was carefully designed at the beginning of the construction.

The profile of the steel roof is taken from the curve of the fishing boat which is closely related to the local folk customs of Hainan. Its highest point is 45 meters, and the plane size is 187 meters and 140 meters respectively. During the interview, Chen Xiandao proudly told reporters that since the construction of the project, it has won many awards such as “Hainan Construction Safety and Civilized Construction Standard Chemical Site” and “National 3A Safe and Civilized Standard Chemical Site”.

“Affected by the epidemic, the procurement and logistics of steel structure raw materials in the first half of last year was delayed. In the later period, we increased machinery, increased construction personnel, and increased construction time. Under the premise of ensuring project safety and quality, we adopted “5+2” and “white”. +Black “Continuously grabbing the construction period and finally completing the capping of the main steel structure.” According to Guo Guanhai, the production manager of the project, after capping, the next step is to unload the support tire frame. It is planned to complete the unloading of the tire frame before January 31.