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The advantages and benefits of membrane structures

The advantages and benefits of membrane structures are:

Membrane structures

 Advantage 1: Art of modeling

Membrane structure shape is variable, due to its own characteristics (light weight material, flexible support) makes the designer can give full play to the imagination in the design, most of the membrane structure building shape is very lively and beautiful to break the dullness of the traditional architectural form, very tense and sculpture, one of the architectural forms that can best show the modern atmosphere. Compared with the shape of traditional buildings, the most attractive thing about membrane structure buildings is its beautiful curved surface shape, which complements the surrounding buildings and is refreshing at the same time. Especially large-scale landmark buildings can create dream-like night landscape effect by using the peculiar shape of membrane structure, increasing its recognition and commercial effect.


Advantage 2: Environmental protection and energy saving

The membrane material used in membrane structure is non-toxic and harmless from production to processing, has a long service life and does not have any impact on the environment, and it is automatically light, so the amount of materials used in its foundation construction and support system will be greatly reduced, and the membrane material has a good light transmission rate, and it relies on the natural light during the day to meet the indoor illumination, which greatly reduces the operation time of the lighting facilities and reduces the power consumption, and the brightness is based on the diffuse reflection of light, so it can be used to reduce the energy consumption. This kind of brightness relies on the diffuse reflection of light, which will make people feel very soft, and the main materials of membrane structure building, membrane material and just now can be recovered and recycled, which further saves the building materials.


Advantage 3: Good mechanical properties

Membrane structure generally relies on the natural tension formed by the membrane material with steel cables and pillars to form the shape, which is a very natural structure, the membrane material is light weight and high strength (the strength of the building membrane material is 250-300 times that of the ordinary glass, 20-30 times that of the acrylic board, and 2 times that of the toughened glass), and there is almost no risk of breaking, and the combination of the high strength steel cables and pillars can ensure the stability of the whole structure, especially Applied in large-span buildings, it can reduce the use of beams and columns, ensure the space inside the building, increase the effective use of the area, so that the building space can be flexibly utilized.


Advantage 4: Fireproof and anti-seismic

The membrane materials used in membrane structure are synthetic materials, most of which have excellent flame retardancy, and will not melt at high temperature, nor produce toxic gases, which ensures that it can well meet the requirements of fire prevention, membrane structure is light in weight, flexible in structural support, and has great flexibility, which is able to offset the strong lateral load, so its anti-seismic performance is very excellent.


Advantage 5: Self-cleaning ability

Nowadays, the surface of many membrane materials is generally coated with anti-fouling coating, which can rely on the natural wind and rain to keep self-cleaning in the process of using, which not only greatly reduces the cleaning and maintenance frequency of the surface of the building membrane materials, but also ensures the beauty and translucency of the membrane materials.


Advantage 6: Short construction period and good economy

The membrane material and steel used in the membrane structure building are processed in the factory and then transported to the site for installation, which greatly reduces the construction time at the site, facilitates the large-scale production, greatly shortens the whole construction cycle and saves a lot of salary expenses, and due to the lighter self-weight of the membrane material, together with the use of steel cables, steel structure and other framework support, so this greatly reduces the weight of the roof surface of the membrane structure building and thus reduces the cost of walls and foundations. The cost of wall and foundation is reduced, and the unique shape of membrane structure as well as the brilliant night effect with light also greatly increase the commercial effect.


Advantage 7: Wide range of application

Membrane structure building due to its flexible construction method, so that its application is very wide, small to the park umbrella to tens of thousands of square meters of the stadium roof, which can be used as a temporary building can also be constructed as a permanent building, which is suitable for all kinds of climate, all kinds of scenes, life, we will often see the use of membrane structure of the building, such as: stadiums, commercial rooftops, corridors and corridors awning, parks and squares, landscapes, toll stations, and so on. Toll station. There are also some we are not easy to get in touch with such as: sewage pond counter suspension membrane, coal field membrane structure closed. Nowadays, membrane structure has become a popular choice in the field of construction.