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The characteristics of the stadium grandstand roof membrane structure

The membrane structure of the stadium grandstand can cover the entire grandstand very well. Tension membrane structure makes the space span of the building become larger, while reducing the structure and overall weight of the building , which friendly for construction. The surface of the membrane material is coated, which is to prevent the erosion of dust and rain and protect the membrane structure to increase the service life.

Membrane structure is a new type of material, with artistic, economical, insulation, self-cleaning, fireresistance, sound absorption and light transmission etc. The film structure used in the stadium grandstand can better reflect its advantage. Compared with traditional stands structure, the membrane structure of stadium stands has the characteristics of beautiful shape, large space span, light weight and long service life.

The stadium grandstand is beautiful and generous, with a large space span. The advantages of the space span of membrane structure building shorter construction period are shown. Membrane structure is widely recognized, which is why more and more buildings are using membrane structure instead of traditional concrete buildings.