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The steel space frame roof structure of large warehosue is lifted in unequal positions

The large warehouse project area of 41000 ㎡ , steel capacity is 17000 t, plant outside the total length of 322 m, 130 m wide, 55 m high, the main body for the concrete filled steel tubular steel lattice column bent frame structure, the roof of the double-layer steel space frame, including the main structure in the center of the long side position setting settlement joint, according to a roof structure with the main structure points in sewing processing.

1、Overview of large warehouse roofing engineering

The large warehouse roof double steel space frame is a double bolt ball steel space frame, a total of 2 pieces, single piece length 153.6m, width 124.5m (single span 62.25m), edge height 4m, single span middle height 5.5m, single projection area of about 20,300 m2, single weight 1650T, single bearing 42 (3 bearings/axis along the span direction, a total of 14 axes). Because the double steel roof rack construction is on span indexes and the construction method is more than the risk of a certain size larger division component project, and with a rack in a continuous two 62.25 m on a big span structure, brings to the construction of the greater difficulty, also for the among the domestic super and large and industrial factory laid the foundation of the project.

The roof of this large metal warehouse project is divided into four zones for assembling/lifting, among which 14.27 axis/D.E axis is assembling/lifting zone 1, 14.27 axis/C.D axis is assembling/lifting zone 2, 1.14 axis/D.E axis is assembling/lifting zone 3, 1.14 axis/C.D axis is assembling/lifting zone 4, The dimensions of the four zones are 156m(length)X60m(width), and the lifting weight is 810t.

2、Upgrade point setting of large industrial warehouselarge industrial warehouse

The plane layout of the lifting point of the space frame

According to the large warehouse construction lifting scheme, the space frames between axes 1 ~ 14 and 14 ~ 27 are respectively set with lifting supports. The 14th axis is the axis of symmetry, and all the space frames on the right are the overall lifting zone L and 2, while the left one is the overall lifting zone 3 and 4. According to the plane distribution of the space frame structure and the position of lifting points, there is an external cantilever steel platform on axis D and some rods and balls on one side cannot be lifted together after being assembled on the ground. This part of the structure can be lifted accumulatively twice after being lifted to the steel platform after being supplemented in the air for the second time. It is beneficial to the anti-deformation ability of the overall structure after the reinforcement rod at this position. Therefore, the influence of the deflection of the post-reinforcement structural member on the overall lifting unit can be regarded as a favorable influence and not as a negative factor for lifting temporarily.