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What are the application areas of steel pipe joist?

Steel pipe joist has a wide range of application fields, which are mainly reflected in the following aspects:

truss roof

Construction field:

Large space structure: Steel pipe truss is often used to build large space structures such as stadiums, stage performance venues, exhibition halls, and so on. Its strength and stability can meet the safety requirements in case of large crowd gathering.

Industrial buildings: Steel pipe joist also plays an important role in the construction of factories, warehouses, and other industrial buildings.

Transportation Facilities: Steel pipe joist is often used in the construction of transportation facilities such as airports, stations, and wharves.

Special buildings: Some buildings with special requirements, such as Bird’s Nest Stadium, Water Cube Swimming Pool, etc., also adopt steel pipe joists.

Bridge field:

Bridges across big rivers and deep valleys: A steel tube truss is also widely used in the field of bridges, often used to build bridges across big rivers and deep valleys with the advantages of wind resistance and earthquake resistance.

High-speed railroad bridges and other projects: in these projects, steel pipe trusses also play an important role.

Industrial field:

Industrial fields such as underground coal mines and oil & gas: steel pipe trusses are also used in these fields for supporting and protecting equipment.

Aerospace and Shipbuilding:

Airplanes, rockets satellites, etc.: In the aerospace industry, steel pipe trusses can be used to manufacture structural parts of airplanes, rockets, and satellites.

Ship: In shipbuilding, steel pipe trusses are also used as part of the hull structure.

In general, steel pipe joists have been widely used in various fields due to their advantages of being lightweight, high strength, and easy installation.