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What is the most indispensable technology on the space frame?

  1. Welding technology.

Although welding is relatively simple, they are the main technical form that connects two products and two metal products and merges them into one. The welding of the space frame is to let many of them complete the overall construction of the structure, which is a kind of building or product formed by welding. Therefore, welding technology is indispensable for this structure to make various products or build buildings.

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  1. Stable technology.

The so-called stability is to make many space frame structures have a stable effect in various use occasions, and there will be no loosening, no abnormalities, no failures and other unfavorable phenomena. This is the main technology to ensure their safe use. Of course, the better the stabilization effect, the longer they will last.

Therefore, the processing operations of the space frame and the various products produced are inseparable from welding and stabilization technology. This is the main condition to ensure the integrity of the product, but also to ensure the safety and long-term use.