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What is the role of tire racks in building construction?

In building construction, the role of tire rack (also known as scaffolding) is very important, mainly in the following aspects:


1. Provide a working platform: The Tire rack provides a safe and solid working platform for construction workers, which enables them to carry out construction, maintenance, and decoration work at a high place, and improves working efficiency.

2. Provide safe support: as a temporary support structure, a tire rack can effectively support various parts of the building, including walls, beams, columns, etc., to ensure the safety of workers and construction materials.

3. Facilitate material transportation: Tire racks provide a platform for material transportation and storage, which makes material management on the construction site more convenient and efficient.

4. Convenient construction supervision: through the tire rack, supervisors and engineers can more easily supervise and check the construction progress and quality, to ensure that the construction meets the design requirements and safety standards.

Overall, tire racks play an important role in building construction, providing a safe and stable working platform for workers, as well as the necessary support and convenience for construction.