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Yoyogi Stadium

Yoyogi Stadium is an outstanding representative of contemporary bionic architecture in Japan. It has epoch-making significance in the history of Japanese architecture.

The building consists of two stadiums, the large oval stadium is a swimming pool, and the small circular stadium is a basketball stadium. The two pavilions are suspended from the corners of concrete beams by catenary steel roofs. The building adopts a suspension cable structure, and several parts of the main structure are towed by several naturally suspended steel cables, thus supporting this very large building with a total area of more than 20,000 square meters.

Yoyogi Stadium uses a suspension cable structure,which is a load-bearing structure formed by flexible cable and its edge members. Because the cable is mainly subjected to axial tension, the strength of steel can be used to the maximum. If coupled with high-strength and lightweight materials,the self-weight of the structure can be greatly reduced,spanning a large span. The composition of the suspension cable structure:cable net-multiple strands,wire ropes;edge members-beams,arches or trusses;support structure-frame structure.