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    Large Scale Roof Space Frame Structure Design For Solar Photovoltaic Power Generation Support Frame

    Product description

    The support structure of the solar photovoltaic power generation system is more and more accustomed to adopting the space frame structure:
    The space frame construction is easy to install;
    The space frame members and nodes are easy to be shaped, commercialized, and can be mass-produced in the factory, which is conducive to improving production efficiency;
    The layout of the space frame is flexible, and the roof is flat, which is conducive to ceiling suspension, installation of pipes and equipment;
    The architectural shape of the space frame is light, beautiful, and generous, which is convenient for construction processing and decoration;
    In the past two years, it has gradually been ignorant in the market;

    Technical Advantages

    1. Solar photovoltaic power generation is an important form of renewable energy. The power generation industry is developing rapidly and the market scale is expanding rapidly. The roof photovoltaic power generation system has outstanding advantages and is currently the most widely used form of photovoltaic power generation in the world, suitable for large-scale promotion.

    2. Forms of photovoltaic power generation

    At present, the main forms of online solar photovoltaic power generation projects are photovoltaic building integration, ground solar farms, and rooftop solar power generation systems.

    Building integration means that the photovoltaic power generation system takes the form of building materials as a part of the building, usually, the building roof and the building facade with good lighting conditions, and the power generation is mostly for the building’s own use; Photovoltaic power generation system; Rooftop solar power generation system refers to the use of idle roofs of existing buildings to build photovoltaic power generation systems. The required area is large and faces the roof of the building, which has good conditions for sunlight and radiation and does not occupy a special land area.  There are a large number of buildings that meet the construction conditions, which can be promoted and applied on a large scale. The cost of construction and renovation is low, and there are many optional solar cell components. The cost is low, and the conditions for power generation and space frame connection are good. It has the advantages of large-scale installation, convenient maintenance, and unattended operation. Compared with other forms of photovoltaic power generation, rooftop solar photovoltaic power generation systems have outstanding advantages, especially suitable for large-scale promotion and application in areas with developed industry and commerce and a lack of open space for development and utilization. When the original design load of the light steel roof of an existing building does not meet the requirements of the photovoltaic system for the roof load, it is necessary to propose a corresponding solution, such as a reinforcement plan or adding a bracket structure away from the original main structure; for unbuilt buildings In the design, the roof scheme of the space frame structure is directly adopted.

    For the existing buildings, the space frame structure is to add independent reinforced concrete or steel columns in the space between the workshops to support the space frame system. This method can reduce the dependence of the support system on the building, and has high structural safety. Without any worries, the layout of the newly added columns can be reasonably arranged according to the general plan of transportation and other conditions without affecting the function of the original building. This scheme can minimize the impact on the production of the park in the later construction stage. For the roof design scheme that adopts the space frame structure for the unbuilt building, the roof panel adopts the bidirectional prestressed reinforced concrete slab with embedded parts to be directly overlapped with the space frame frame, and the roof is used as a waterproof layer (a layer of polymer membrane) and the roof. The top layer is hardened with fine stone concrete. In this way, the roof is made into a roof for the master, and the component array can be freely arranged on it. The fixing of the component array uses the steel plate embedded in the two-way prestressed reinforced concrete plate to prevent the overturning caused by the cross wind. . After the roof is changed to a rigid roof, the increased load is placed on the concrete frame column.


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