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About steel structure space frame installation requirements

About steel structure space frame installation requirements

The steel structure space frame installation project has a great demand in infrastructure construction. The steel structure space frame engineering installation has a certain degree of safety, so there are certain requirements for technology. The following Soochow space frame editor will introduce you to the steel structure space installation skills requirement.

(1)Preparatory work: including pre-inspection and matching of steel components, inspection of positioning axis and elevation and anchor bolts, on-site stacking of steel components, selection of installation machinery, division of installation flow section and determination of installation sequence, entry of labor Wait.During installation, the hoisting operation area is generally divided according to the hoisting procedure, and carried out at the same time according to the divided area and equal order. After a section is hoisted, the procedures of measurement, calibration, and high-strength bolt initial tightening are carried out. After several sections are installed, the overall structure is measured, corrected, and high-strength bolts are finally tightened and welded. Then, proceed to the lifting of the next section of steel column.

(2)The steel columns of high-rise buildings usually have 2 to 4 floors as one section, and the hoisting is generally carried out by one point. The hook can only be released after the steel column is installed in place, aligned with the axis, corrected for verticality, and temporarily fixed firmly. During installation, the positioning axis of each section of steel column should be drawn directly from the ground control axis, not from the axis of the lower column. Only after the installation, welding and bolting of all the components within the scope of each column are completed and qualified, the positioning axis of the previous column can be drawn from the ground control axis.

(3) When the structure is installed, attention should be paid to the changes caused by the thermal effects of temperature changes such as sunlight and welding on the expansion and bending of the components. Also, corresponding measures should be taken.