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Advantages and disadvantages of three structural forms of long span coal storage sheds ( Part 1 )


With the development of society,people’s demand for infrastructure is increasing day by day, and the infrastructure construction of some cement, electric power, coal and other industries has undergone tremendous development. For example, some dry coal sheds, coal storage tanks, etc., have the benefits of rainproof and environmental protection on the basis of conventional structural systems. Generally speaking, the structural systems of these infrastructures are similar, and they are collectively referred to as large span coal storage shed structures. The construction of coal storage shed structures complies with the environmental protection requirements promoted by the state and has broad application space. Although the coal shed structure is an environmental protection project, it is difficult to bring economic benefits to investors in the short term. Therefore, in the actual design and construction, the owner must strictly control the project cost. When selecting the type of coal shed structure, economy should be considered as much as possible under the premise of ensuring safety. At present, there are many successful cases of long span coal storage shed structures at home and abroad, but there are few literatures on the comparison of structure selection in different situations. The long span coal storage shed structure has a large structural span, which poses great challenges to both design and construction. In actual construction, due to changes in the natural environment, the load and construction environment may change, and natural disasters such as large-scale precipitation and snow disasters may occur at any time. Collapse damage. In addition, since the coal sheds are all long-span structures, the stability of the steel structure must also be paid attention to, and local stress may cause instability and damage.

2、Type selection analysis of coal shed structure

2.1、Project overview

A certain project is a coal yard covering an area of about 150000m 2 . Due to the actual situation on the site, the environment needs to be protected, so the entire coal yard is closed and processed in two phases. The dry coal storage shed built in the first phase is about 55,000m 2 , the operating width of the two stockers is about 150m, and the operating height is about 21.0 m.

2.2、Principles of structure selection

Because the dry coal storage shed has the characteristics of wide area, large span and high structure, it just meets the scope of use of long span steel structures. In recent decades, my country’s steel structure research has developed rapidly, and structural forms emerge in endlessly, and different structural forms have different mechanical properties. Therefore, choosing a reasonable structural type for different conditions is the beginning and the most important in the structural design of dry coal storage sheds. The selection principles of the coal storage shed structure are as follows:

2.2.1、Process requirements

The structural process of the dry coal storage shed is the core of the structural construction, that is, it needs to meet the needs of coal stacking, and the process interface of the bucket wheel machine is the key point to be considered in the design of the dry coal storage shed.

2.2.2、Mechanical properties

Due to the great difference in the mechanical performance of different structural forms, different large span dry coal storage sheds should adopt reasonable structural forms to meet the requirements of different spans, loads and boundary conditions. Only by combining the choice of structural form with specific engineering can the mechanical performance advantages of a certain structural form be maximized.


The construction of the dry coal storage shed structure is a project with environmental protection significance, and it is difficult to bring considerable economic returns to investors in a short period of time, which will inevitably make investors strictly control the cost of the project. Different structural forms have put forward corresponding requirements for the construction cost of the dry coal storage shed, the daily maintenance cost of the structure, the expected disaster loss of the building and the reinforcement cost, and the comprehensive realization of these costs constitutes the macro control of the economic performance of the coal shed .

2.2.4、Construction Feasibility

Fabrication and installation are the basis for the realization of various functions of the dry coal storage shed structure, and different structural forms have corresponding construction plans. Each construction plan has certain requirements on the quality of construction personnel, installation costs, mechanical facilities, etc., and has a certain impact on the structural cost. Therefore, considering the feasibility of construction in the design process is also a key part of the structural selection research.