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Common space frame construction and installation methods

Space frame has the advantages of easy installation, regular shape, light weight, high stiffness, good seismic performance, etc. Space frame upper or lower chord members can be arranged in a regular way into a square, rectangular, triangular and other mesh, the upper and lower chord members are connected through the diagonal web to form a spatial stress system. So what are the common methods of space frame construction and installation?

  1. High-altitude bulk method

Requirements for the construction of the area below the full red scaffolding, in the full red scaffolding full of scaffolding boards to form a working platform, the construction workers on the platform to complete the installation work. Construction workers in the work platform will be grid each grid assembled into a triangular cone with the help of manpower will be triangular cone of the grid processing small unit hoisted to the grid installation parts, by the installation of workers will be triangular cone of the three top of the high-strength bolts screwed into the bolt holes one by one, so that the formation of a grid and a grid of the aerial splicing type, assembled to the top of each column, will be the support corrected and the embedded parts welded until the space frame as a whole closed together.

  1. High-altitude slip method

According to the actual situation of the site can be used to move the skidding scaffolding instead of the full red scaffolding. Each time when the construction with sliding scaffolding is towed, there should be special commanders and special observers, and the first trial towing is 1~2m, and then the deformation of the frame is checked, and no deformation is confirmed before the formal towing is allowed. After dragging and positioning, the deformation of the scaffolding should be checked in all aspects, and no deformation should be confirmed before use, so as to ensure the safety and reliability in the process of space frame processing. The scaffolding can be moved by the crane track below the construction area or by adding pulleys on the scaffolding.

  1. Overall enhancement method

The whole space frame processing on the ground or platform assembly is completed, the use of lifting machinery vertical or horizontal lifting in the need to install the part, after the adjustment and fixation.