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Aircraft Hangar Steel Structure Hoisting Installation

aircraft hangar steel structure

Steel structure aircraft maintenance hangar depot project, by the annex building and hangar hall. The auxiliary building has 1 basement and 3 floors on the ground, with a length of 154 meters and a width of 45 meters. The building area is 17,326 square meters. The frame structure and the damping support structure between columns are 17 meters high. Hangar hall is composed of 48 independent columns 26 meters high, 6 meters high spherical space frame, and 12 meters high door head box girder truss. The steel structure roof adopts the overall lifting process. The overall roof span of the hangar hall is 153 meters and the depth is 79 meters. The main difficulties and construction focus of the project are as follows: the project construction is greatly affected by the Hainan rain typhoon, and the main construction schedule management is difficult; Engineering quality control focuses on the quality control of the installation of damping support embedded parts between columns, the quality control of the 26-meter-high giant independent column in the hangar hall, the quality control of the hollow column, and the quality control of the overall lifting of the large-span steel structure. The safety management of independent columns and integral elevations in the hangar hall requires higher requirements.

By analyzing the characteristics and difficulties of the aircraft maintenance hangar project, the Project department of no. 2 Aircraft maintenance hangar of Meilan Base actively applies BIM technology to solve the “collision” and cross work in the construction. During this period, the technical staff demonstrated and discussed the BIM drawings modeled in the early stage, and carried out the MODELING work of HANGar BIM quickly. Basically, five tasks were achieved: first, be able to operate, use the software correctly, understand the modeling drawings, and skillfully check the collision situation; Second, be able to modify, be familiar with the elevation of each profession and specific detailed construction practices, be able to make local modifications and adjustments according to the actual situation of the site, and guide the construction accurately; Iii. Make use of BIM for joint review of drawings; Four, do the use of BIM for technical disclosure, show the three-dimensional effect in front of the eyes, at the same time to view or print the local, make technical disclosure, eliminate the phenomenon of installation rework; Five, achieve the use of BIM technology budget, can transport.