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Analysis of the strength and stability of the space frame steel structure

The strength problem of the space frame steel structure refers to whether the large ground stress (or internal work) caused by the load in the stable and balanced state of the structure or individual components exceeds the ultimate strength of the building decoration material, so it is a ground stress problem. The value of ultimate strength lies in the characteristics of raw materials. For ductile materials such as concrete, its greater strength can be used, and for stainless steel plates, its yield limit is often used. 
The stability problem is different from the strength problem. It is mainly to find the unstable equilibrium state between the external load and the internal resistance of the structure, that is, the state where the deformation has just increased greatly, and then try to prevent it from entering this state. Therefore, it is a Deformation problems. For example, the axial compression column, because of the imbalance, the lateral stiffness makes the column lift a large bending distance, so the destruction load of the column head can be far less than its axial compression strength.Obviously, the axial compression strength is not the key reason for the destruction of the stigma.