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The mainstream penetration method of space frame steel structure flaw detection

When we are faced with various and magnificent steel structure projects, we will not only admire the design and construction of the inspiration and superb craftsmanship, but also can not help but have such questions like, such a huge project, so many accessories, Is it safe? In fact, the quality of space frame steel structure is not only a common concern of users, but also it’s design, manufacture, and construction contractors as well. Xuzhou LF Construction Engineering Co., Ltd. shares with you the method of penetration testing for space frame steel structures. 


Method one (color flaw detection)

The flaw detection process is to clean and dry the surface of the weldment, spray a layer of penetrating liquid with a strong color, and remove the excess penetrating liquid from the surface after the defect has penetrated for a certain period of time. Then spray the developer, which absorbs the penetrant that has penetrated into the defect, and displays a colorful defect image on the developer layer. At present, surface defects with a width of 0.01mm and a depth of not less than 0.03-0.04mm can be found.

Advantages: Colored flaw detection is a low-cost and convenient non-destructive flaw detection method for surface flaw detection by penetration method.

Method two (fluorescent flaw detection)

Fluorescence inspection is a method of non-destructive inspection of weldment surface defects by using the characteristics of ultraviolet light to irradiate certain fluorescent materials to produce fluorescence.

During flaw detection, first apply a highly permeable fluorescent penetrant to the surface of the weldment. After staying for 10 minutes, remove the excess fluorescent penetrant on the surface. After it dries, sprinkle a layer of magnesium oxide powder (developing agent) on the surface of the workpiece. ), vibrate to make the powder layer uniform, develop for about 5 minutes, the magnesium oxide powder at the defect is soaked by the fluorescent penetrating liquid, blow off the excess magnesium oxide powder on the surface of the workpiece, observe under the ultraviolet lamp in the dark room, and leave the fluorescent material at the defect. The fluorescent material emits fluorescence, showing the outline of the defect.