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Cantilever opening and closing — Jiaxing Cultural Center

Cantilever opening and closing

Jiaxing Cultural Center is located in Xiuzhou District, Jiaxing City, Zhejiang Province, with a construction area of 110,700 square meters. The construction content includes art galleries, cultural centers, libraries, group service centers, concert halls (small theaters) and related commercial facilities. After the steel structure of the main building is capped, the project will carry out an open and closed roof project in the central area of the roof, which is also the construction task with the highest technical content and the most difficult construction. 

The opening and closing roof is a 360° circle in the closed state, divided into three 120° fan-shaped units. In order to make the clover flower bloom beautifully, the project team decided to open the roof with a horizontal cantilever, that is, three roofs with 120° are supported by the tail counterweight, and slide slowly along the embedded track of the roof. The roof is completely cantilevered without any track support, and finally the roof opens and closes 360°, like a beautiful trefoil flower blooming in the wind.

The project has set three construction records: the first time the horizontal cantilever type is used to open the roof; the first three-part circular opening is used; the first time the hidden movable roof storage design is adopted.