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Characteristics and composition of steel structure workshop

Steel structure workshop refers to the form of steel structure system formed by connecting steel plates and hot-rolled, cold-formed or welded profiles through connectors.

steel structure workshop

The steel structure workshop has the following characteristics:

  1. The weight of the steel structure workshop is light, and the weight of the steel structure is only one-fifth of the brick-concrete structure. The steel structure workshop has high strength, large span and large space.
  2. The steel structure workshop has good seismic and impact resistance. The steel structure workshop has good overall rigidity and strong deformability.
  3. The steel structure workshop has high fire resistance, high corrosion resistance and high sealing performance.
  4. Low investment in steel structure workshops, convenient demolition of steel structure workshops, recyclable multiple times, good environmental protection, and long service life of the structure.
  5. The steel structure factory building has a high degree of industrialization and can be quickly installed on a standard assembly line.
  6. The steel structure occupies a small area, and the use area is large. Compared with the traditional concrete structure building, the use area increases by 4%-8%, which indirectly increases the economic benefits.
  7. The steel structure workshop is easy to transform during use, such as reinforcement, height connection, partition and other internal divisions, adjustment is relatively easy, flexible and convenient.

The steel structure workshop structure is mainly divided into five parts:

  1. Foundation embedded parts, (which can stabilize the steel structure workshop structure);
  2. the pillars are made of H-shaped steel, I-beam, round pipe or C-shaped steel (two C-shaped steel butt joint);
  3. The beam is made of C-shaped steel and H-shaped steel;
  4. Purlin, usually C-shaped steel, channel steel;
  5. Color steel profiled panels are used for the wall and roof, one is the color steel monolithic tile (color steel tile). One is the color steel sandwich composite board. There are foam, rock wool, glass wool, polyurethane, etc. between the two layers of tiles, which have the effects of fire resistance, flame retardancy, sealing and sound insulation.

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