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Matters needing attention in space frame control performance

The space frame structure is a system of spatially hinged rods and a highly statically indeterminate structure. The defects in production and installation will greatly reduce the bearing capacity of the structure. When a rod is withdrawn from work, it may quickly form an instability zone and damage the structure, so it needs to be controlled during installation. 

space frame roof structure

  1. Strictly control the measurement of the pay-off size during the processing and installation of the space frame, and use a uniform steel ruler that has been calibrated from production, assembly, and installation.
  2. For ground positioning, place the upper chord, lower chord and web rods in different colors on the ground in large sizes according to the picture, and indicate the number and specifications.
  3. Strictly control the settlement deformation of the temporary fulcrum not to exceed ±2mm.
  4. Weave reasonable upper chords, lower chords and belly bars according to the placing order and welding order, requiring full welds, neat weld feet, and no biting.
  5. It is necessary to prevent stress concentration and deformation of the rods during the processing and lifting of the space frame, and temporarily strengthen it if necessary.