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Characteristics of large span space frame structures

The use of a large span space frame structure has become one of the important indicators for measuring the development level of a country’s overall construction industry in the current development of the construction industry. Through this kind of structure, the designer can obtain a wider imagination space and design ideas, there by designing an ever-changing and colorful structure, which makes it show a more intense and strong view of the landscape and symbolic meaning.

Compared with the planar structure, the space frame structure and the steel-concrete frame structure system have the following two distinct advantages: First, they adopt a hybrid structure design, and the materials used are lighter, especially the steel and membrane materials currently used. High-strength lightweight materials have good economics and can create more substantial economic benefits for construction companies. Second, it is convenient for industrial production.
Due to the significant three-dimensional force characteristics of the space frame structure, the internal force of the building itself is relatively more uniform, and it can be effectively dispersed for a large concentrated load, so the overall rigidity is greater. At the same time, due to the increase in stiffness, its own seismic performance is better.