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Beijing AMECO-A380 Hangar

The Beijing AMECO-A380 hangar is currently the world’s largest aircraft maintenance hangar, with a huge span, a large roof suspension load, and a high earthquake resistance area.

The AMECO-A380 hangar project consists of the main hangar hall and supporting auxiliary rooms. The hangar hall has a construction area of 40670 square meters. The plane size of the column-free space is 352.6m long, the depth is 110m, while the outside cantilever is 5m. There is only one column on one side of the gate and the column spacing is 176.3m. The roof structure of the hangar hall adopts a combination of an inclined quadrangular pyramid three-layer steel grid and a door opening side steel truss. The grid is 8 meters high, and the grid size is 6 meters x 6 meters. It adopts seismic ball hinged bearings and is hinged to the top of each column. The gate truss is a double product continuous steel truss with a span of 176.3 + 176.3 meters. Utilizing the characteristics of no suspension equipment at the gate, the lower chord elevation of the truss was lowered to a 27.7 m drop in the clear height of the gate, and a height of 11.5 m was obtained for the gate truss. The maximum allowable space and sufficient vertical stiffness was used .