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China Coal’s Xinji No. 1 Mine’s space frame enclosed project started construction

coal storage yard

The coal storage yard is a key environmental protection project of Xinji No. 1 Mine, a key project that determines the safe and green development of the mine in the future, and a key environmental control project of China Coal Group and Xinji Company. The design reserve of the project is 50,000 tons, and the total planned investment is 34,475,100 yuan. The project’s construction adopts a combination of flat space frame structure and arched space frame structure, with a length of 177 meters, a width of 37-90 meters, and a building area of 12,200 square meters. Auxiliary facilities include supporting power distribution and control rooms, fire pump rooms, and suction wells.


The coal storage yard is a quadrangular pyramid space frame structure with bolted ball joints and is composed of two parts. The 1-9 axis is a flat space frame structure with a sloped structure, and the 10-19 axis is an arch shell space frame structure. The east-west axis size is 177.25m, the north-south span changes from 36.875m to 89.9m, and the elevation of the concrete column top is +3.95m.

During the construction of the coal storage yard, the project department overcomes the irregular shape of the space frame, a variety of specifications, the height of the space frame, large span, complex construction procedures, frequent aerial operations, many lifting operations, site conditions, and other unfavorable factors, carefully organized and reasonable arrangements, strict safety, and quality control, full monitoring and supervision, and through the unremitting efforts of all construction personnel, the gable starting space frame was successfully closed, laying a solid foundation for the next process construction.