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Coal yard ventilation

After the coal yard is closed, the space is relatively large, and its dust pollution and harmful gases are relatively serious. Coal yard equipment has a small amount of heat dissipation and the closed material of the coal yard is a metal material. The solar radiation heat causes large temperature differences inside and outside the enclosed space. In addition to the hot-pressing effect, the indoor updraft also includes the induced air volume generated by coal combustion when it is transported into a closed coal yard for transfer and discharge, and the airflow formed by volatile gases in coal combustion. Considering energy conservation and convenient operation, natural ventilation is generally used in the design of ventilation systems in coal yards.

The ventilation area covers the upper, middle, lower and both ends of the coal yard. Ventilation is set at both ends of the coal yard to achieve convection inside the coal yard as well as achieve ventilation conditions. When ventilating, an air curtain ventilation system is used to prevent coal dust from overflowing. The ventilation effect meets 2 times / hour, and the emergency fire smoke exhaust meets 10 times / hour. When the wind conditions are relatively small or the amount of natural air intake is insufficient, mechanical phased air supply measures are adopted.

The Generally used ventilation settings are:

louver type on both sides + hood on the top of the coal yard, open on both sides + ventilation windows on the top of the coal yard, closed vertical section of the closed coal yard, open vertical partition on top of the closed coal yard, and closed coal layered convection.