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Do you know anything about the history of steel structure

Steel structure which is mainly composed of steel materials, is one of the main types of building structure. The structure is mainly composed of steel beams, steel columns and steel trusses made of sections and steel plates. Due to its light weight and simple construction, it is widely used in large plants, venues, super high-rise and other fields.
Although China had great achievements in iron structure in the early stage, it remained at the level of iron building for a long time. It was not until the end of the 19th century that modern steel structures were adopted in China. After the founding of new China, the application of steel structure has a great development, whether in quantity or quality. The floor of light steel structure is composed of cold-formed thin-wall steel frame or composite beam, OSB structural plate, support and connecting parts. The materials used are oriented particleboard, cement fiberboard, and plywood. These lightweight floors can withstand loads of 316-365 kilograms per square meter.
The number of steel structure buildings, is a sign of a country or a region’s economic strength and economic development. After entering 2000, China’s national economy grew significantly. Its national strength increased significantly, and the output of steel became a major power in the world. It proposed to use steel “actively and reasonably” in construction, and since then, has got rid of the shackle of “restricting the use of steel.”This has led to the gradual steel structure construction increase in the economically developed areas. Especially before and after 2008, under the impetus of the Olympic Games, the steel structure construction boom, strong market demand, promoting the rapid development of steel structure building, has built a large number of steel structure building, airport, station, and high-rise buildings.  Among them, some steel structure building technology with world-class level in fabrication and installation, such as the national Olympic stadium and other buildings.
After the games, steel structure building gained popularity and sustained development. The steel structure is widely applied to the construction of railways, Bridges and housing, etc. The steel structure of the world’s advanced processing equipment such as long multidimensional line cutting machine, drilling machine, steel pipe multidimensional phase corrugated plate automatic welding machine, etc, are applied to all sizes of steel structure enterprise.
The downstream steel structure industry has a great traction and driving effect on the development of steel structure industry.

1. The upstream industry of steel structure is the raw material supply industry such as steel
Iron and steel industry is the material foundation of the development of steel structure industry. Domestic steel industry and some big enterprises have begun with the variety of the steel structure and technology research and development. The high strength steel and refractory successively developed weather resistance, the water of the sea, lamellar tearing resistance, resistance to low temperature steel, as well as the h-beam, high-performance colorized painting steel plate, cold bending steel, etc, for the steel structure industry application development has laid a good foundation.
2. Influence of upstream and downstream on the industry
The upstream of steel structure is mainly steel industry. The price fluctuation of steel products directly affects the procurement cost of the industry. On the whole, the upstream industry basically belongs to the competitive industry, which produces all kinds of steel plates, tubes and sections for steel structure, of which H section and plate are the most commonly used products in steel structure construction. Industry insight research data in 2011 crude steel output reached 696 million tons, the output is relatively saturated, the raw materials needed for steel structure production can obtain a stable supply.
The downstream industry has a great traction and driving effect on the development of the steel structure industry. Steel structure with its high strength, light weight, good seismic performance, high degree industrialization, short construction period, strong plasticity, energy conservation and environmental protection comprehensive advantages, such as in industrial buildings, municipal infrastructure construction, cultural, educational and sports construction, electric power, Bridges, offshore oil engineering, aerospace and other industries, has been widely used, and gradually expand the market space.

In addition, once the residential steel structure market breakthrough and gradually replace the traditional building form into the residential construction field, steel structure industry will lead to explosive growth.