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Construction method of space frame structure

Why has the space frame structure developed to be popular today? The focus is not only caused by the development of the information age, but also because of the advantages of the space frame structure itself, which is in line with the pace of the times. space frame structure has a shorter construction period than traditional. The construction time of the project is much faster, and the price is relatively low. Regarding the form of the space frame, it can be constructed in the form of more than double layers, and the space frame shell can be constructed with a single layer or a partial double layer construction form at least. 

There are various construction methods for the space frame. for example two-way orthogonal truss system management, two-way orthogonal slanting space frame, two-way diagonal slanting space frame, three-way space frame, one-sided broken-line space frame.Because the space structure of the space frame is a building formed by connecting multiple rods to different nodes according to different space frame forms, it is useful for the construction of exhibition halls, stadiums, waiting areas, concert stands, and hangars. It is good to use space frame structure roofs for larger building intervals.