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Steel Structure Gymnasium Construction

Most cities will build landmark buildings, such as large stadiums, shopping malls, and steel structure stadiums in a certain city, which may become multi-functional landmark buildings. Compared with other investments, landmark buildings can attract the attention of tourists. In recent years, urban gymnasiums have gathered more application functions, bringing more vitality to the urban economy. With the development of the entertainment industry, more and more large-scale entertainment projects are held in stadiums, and the practical application functions of stadiums are becoming more and more diversified. For example, large-scale concerts, cultural and sports evenings, cooperative alliances, etc. may all appear in the gym. Therefore, the space requirements for gym are getting stronger and stronger. So, how does a steel structure gym create a huge space? Through the following two points, we can understand where the huge space can come from.

Choice of surface space

In order to build a huge gymnasium space, the first thing to pay attention to is the choice of surface space. The main material of the steel structure gymnasium is steel, so it is necessary to closely consider the bearing capacity of the surface space. Sites with more physical space on the surface are more suitable for building gymnasiums because they can accommodate more people. In general, on the surface space, a wider space can be built.

Above-ground space

For a large-capacity steel structure gymnasium, in addition to the surface space suitable for the ground, the above-ground space is also an important consideration. The wider the space above the ground, the larger the space that the steel structure can extend outward, and the more space can be divided to accommodate more people under the premise of ensuring safety. Considering the ground and above-ground space, a gymnasium with sufficient space capacity can be constructed.