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Design and analysis of future international conference center space frame membrane structure

space frame membrane structure

1. Project Overview
Located in Yuhang District, with a construction area of about 5407m², the future International Conference Center is designed for the Hangzhou Internet of Everything Innovation Conference. The upper part of the space frame membrane structure is composed of a circular space frame with an outer ring diameter of 83m and a space span of 52m. The upper part of the mesh frame is composed of a secondary steel structure and membrane cloth. The lower part is a complex structural system composed of 12-axis inner and outer ring steel column support and surrounding membrane structure closure.

2. Material selection
The membrane cloth is made of class A membrane material, class P flame retardant, fireproof grade B1, imported PVDF membrane material, warp, and zonal tensile strength >5000N/3cm, light transmittance 12%.
Longitudinal strength :>5500N/3cm=5500×0.1/3=183.3kN/m
Zonal strength :>5000N/3cm=5000×0.1/3=166.6kN/m
The primary steel structure material is Q235B, and the rest steel plate material is Q345B.

3. Structural analysis
This project is skeleton membrane structure, in the overall structure analysis, the first analysis of the membrane structure, and then the membrane structure analysis of the reaction force and load on the secondary steel structure and space frame structure, and on the basis of the secondary steel structure and space frame structure for structural stress analysis.

4. Membrane node design
In the fixed node of the film, the cable is tightly clamped and heated together by the fixture, and the cable is clamped on the support points set on the space frame or arch by bolts and gaskets. The internal force of the film can be reasonably transferred to the cable, continue to pass to the node, and to the main structure, on the node, the use of secondary membrane cover waterproof. The main function of the film-fixed node is to connect the film-fixed point with the main arch and ensure the smooth flow of force, so as to reduce the membrane pre-tension and wind action.