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Design of dome coal storage bunker

The structural form of coal storage shed The perimeter is a reinforced concrete frame structure, the center is a reinforced concrete cylindrical structure, the upper canopy adopts a steel space frame structure, and the lower part is a reinforced concrete tunnel.

The coal storage yard is 100m in diameter. The top height of the space frame is 38m, the top of the coal drop is 44.3m, and a coal conveying trestle is lapped on both sides, which come from the large block processing workshop of the mine and the coal receiving pit for foreign coal. There is a layer of a reinforced concrete frame house on the top of the coal falling drum, with a height of 6.3m, bearing the pulling force of the belt conveyor head of 50t, the lower foundation is buried 6.3m deep, and two coal conveying tunnels are arranged under the coal storage area, each with a length of 120m. It is transported to the No. 1 transshipment station through the dark channel and finally sent to the screening workshop and the main workshop after transshipment. The schematic diagram of the building structure of the coal storage yard is shown in Figure 1. The coal storage capacity of the coal storage yard is 7×103t, the coal stored is raw coal (7=10kN/m3, the moisture content is about 30%), and the maximum height of the coal stack is 32.5m, the angle of repose of the coal provided by the process is 37°.

dome coal yard design

Figure 1 Schematic diagram of the coal storage yard structure

The seismic fortification intensity in this area is 7 degrees 0.10g, and the earthquake is grouped into the first group; basic wind pressure: 0.5kN/㎡; basic snow pressure: 0.45kN/㎡; roof ash load: 0.5kN/㎡. The foundation of the enclosure wall frame system is buried at a depth of 2.3m, and the foundation is replaced with graded sand and gravel. After the replacement, the characteristic value of the bearing capacity of the graded sand and gravel is greater than 250kPa. , the bearing layer is a round gravel layer, and the characteristic value of the foundation bearing capacity is 300kPa.