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Disadvantages of glass domes and solutions to them

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The drawbacks of glass domes include:

  1. Leakage problem: The glass does not match most sealants and has poor weather resistance. After exposure to the wind and sun, the sealant is prone to gumming up, resulting in water leakage.
  2. Risk of breakage: The impact resistance of glass is poor, and it is easy to break when encountering bad weather such as hail.
  3. Difficulty cleaning: The glass surface is easy to adhere to dust and dirt, making it more troublesome to clean.
  4. Privacy: glass has good light transmission, but it is also easy to make indoor items visible and lacks privacy.
  5. Load-bearing problem: no matter what kind of skeleton the glass is matched with, it is impossible to hang accessories that increase the aesthetics on the façade of the sunroom, otherwise it will lead to the danger of the glass falling and breaking due to the weight.
  6. Hot and stuffy in summer: the sunroom may be very hot and stuffy in summer, which affects the living and use.

The following solutions can be adopted to address the drawbacks of glass domes:

Use high-quality sealant: When installing the glass dome, you should choose a sealant that matches the glass and has good weather resistance to ensure the sealing effect and reduce the risk of water leakage.

  1. Add explosion-proof film: Add explosion-proof film on the surface of the glass dome to improve its impact resistance and prevent shattering.
  2. Regular cleaning: Clean the surface of the glass dome regularly to avoid accumulation of dust and dirt.
  3. Curtains or blinds: Install curtains or blinds under the glass dome to protect privacy.
  4. Reasonable design: When designing and building a sunroom, load-bearing, and ventilation issues should be fully considered to avoid safety problems caused by unreasonable design.
  5. Installation of shading equipment: Installation of shading equipment on the glass dome to reduce direct sunlight, lower the indoor temperature, and alleviate the problem of stuffy heat in summer.

In summary, to solve the disadvantages of glass domes needs to consider several aspects, from design, material selection, and installation to post maintenance need to take appropriate measures.