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Dongan Lake Sports Park Stadium

Dong’an Lake Sports Park Stadium has a total construction area of 120,000 square meters, building height of 50 meters, can accommodate 40,000 spectators, the overall shape of the flying saucer, the iconic design for the roof of the suspended “Sun God Bird” pattern, symbolizing the ancient Shu culture, and the overall shape of the formation of a perfect blend of traditional and modern. Stadium metal roofing area of 21,000 square metres, due to the differences in the construction of metal roofing, in order to ensure safety, quality, under the premise of the successful completion of the metal roofing water closure node, the metal roofing construction part of the Sun God bird is precisely under the feet of the circle of ribbons, as the eye-catching strokes, not only to play a double role in waterproofing and decorative, but also to make the whole building presents a unique sense of science and technology and a sense of mystery.

The stadium is an inner ellipsoidal and outer circular spherical steel frame roof with a construction headroom of up to 43 metres. In order to ensure the waterproof function of the roof and at the same time to achieve the perfect presentation of the architectural shape, the construction process from bottom to top using purlin support system, gutter drainage system, rock wool insulation system, membrane waterproofing system, aluminium decorative system, stainless steel lightning system 7 systems, the entire roof consists of 13 layers, to achieve the ‘watertightness’. The roof of the entire stadium uses more than 7,000 purlins, in order to efficiently construct, the construction team adopted the “modular” assembly technology, 88 bays of the overall module, divided into 176 units for lifting construction. In order to ensure the precision of construction, the construction team avoided a lot of high-altitude assembling and cross working, which greatly improved the safety factor and construction efficiency.