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Lightning Protection Measures for Steel Space Frame Structure

As a traditional structural form, steel space frame structure is more and more widely used in the structural design of various large-span and super-heavy factory buildings. But in order to ensure safety, how should the building lightning protection measures of space frame structure be done? What precautions?

The lightning protection design of the steel space frame roof is an important part of the space frame construction project. With the development of the economy, various space frame structure metal materials are The panel has the same function as the lightning space frame, so the lightning protection design of the steel structure is different from the general concrete roof building.

Space frame processing and installation is a relatively important point in space frame construction. It is necessary to pay attention to the installation and construction standards of the space frame. In this way, the space frame processing is more guaranteed, and every detail of the installation can reduce construction risks and keep away from safety accidents.

The lightning protection planning of steel structures is different from the usual buildings with concrete roofs. The space frame structure needs to pay attention to certain standards during the construction process. Only by paying attention to every detail can the construction risk be reduced.