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Explain the five advantages of space frame structure in detail

The space frame structure is an important main structure form in the large-span steel structure. Compared with other spatial structure forms, the space frame structure has great advantages. The advantages and characteristics can be roughly summarized as follows:

(1)The shape of grid structure is changeable.. Whether it is the architectural plane or the spatial surface shape, it can be selected arbitrarily according to the design Therefore, most architectural designers are willing to adopt the space framestructure.At present, the space frame structure has been widely used in all kinds of long-span buildings.

(2)The rigidity and spanning ability of the space frame structure are large.

(3)The space frame structure has the main characteristics of both the rod system structure and the thin shell structure. The rods are relatively simple and the force is reasonable.

(4)The space frame structure can be assembled into a large space with small components. The small components and the connection nodes can be prefabricated in the factory and adopts assembly processing technology It is easy to install on site and does not require large machines and tools. so the comprehensive technical and economic indexes are better.

(5)The analysis and calculation of the space frame structure recurs to  general procedures and computer-aided design, it is now quite mature, it is not difficult now .In particular, the construction drawing design of double layer network structure can usually be completed by using the network structure calculation software which has been widely applied in China.