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Membrane structure

Membrane structure is a kind of space structure form which is made of various high-strength thin film materials and reinforcing members (such as steel frame, steel column or steel cable) through certain ways to generate certain pre-tension stress inside them to form some kind of space shape, as a covering structure, and can bear certain external load.

The membrane materials used in membrane structures have excellent flame retardancy and high temperature resistance, so they can well meet the requirements of fire prevention.Because the structure is light weight, flexible structure, and has a large deformation capacity, so the seismic performance is good.

Short construction period: the cutting and splicing of membrane materials, steel structure and steel cables of the framework are all processed and made in the factory, and only need to be assembled on site. Therefore, the construction period is shorter than that of traditional buildings.

Lightweight: tension structures have a low deadweight because they rely on prestressing forms rather than materials to maintain structural stability.

Transmittance: transmittance is one of the most widely recognized properties of modern membrane structures.The light transmittance of the membrane material can provide the required illumination for the building, which is very important for the energy conservation of the building.

Flexible: the tensioned membrane structure is not rigid and will deform under the action of wind load or snow load.The membrane structure ADAPTS to the external load through deformation. In this process, the curvature radius of the membrane surface in the direction of the load will decrease until it can more effectively resist the load.

Sculptural: the unique curved shape of the tensioned membrane structure makes it very sculptural.The membrane surface is self – balancing by tension.The balance of the ups and downs of the negative gaussian film makes the larger structures appear to float between the earth and the sky as if they were free from gravity.This sculptural quality is exciting both indoors and outdoors.

Safety: lightweight tensioned membrane structures designed in accordance with existing national specifications and guidelines have adequate safety.The light structure can maintain good stability under the horizontal load such as earthquake.