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Fabrication and Installation Process of Steel Structure Engineering ( Part 2 )

Fabrication and installation process of steel structure engineering ( below )

( 4 ) The construction process of steel girder installation is : steel girder assembly, alignment and straightening → fastening of node bolts → hoisting of the first beam and finding the verticality → hoisting of the second girder in place → finalization of the two beams respectively Tighten the column node bolts → fix the three steel purlins in the center of the beam → hoist the third beam in place and finally screw the column node bolts → top, pull, align and fix the center of the three purlin beams between the second and third beams → and so on until All steel beams are installed → check all bolts to reach the final torque strength node by node – beam installation acceptance.

( 5 ) The installation of purlins, steel wall beams, braces, corner braces and braces should be carried out after the installation of beams and columns is completed. Since the center part of the steel girders has been fixed by purlins when the beams are installed, it is only necessary to place the purlins between the beams at the design position and fix them with bolts. The installation of wall beams is similar to the installation of purlins. During the installation of steel columns, the steel columns have been aligned by the tie rods between the columns and integrated into a whole. Just put the wall beams in the positions according to the design and weld them firmly to complete. The installation of braces, corner braces, compression rods, and braces is actually the installation of reinforcements for beams, columns, and purlin beams. As long as the design position, model, and corresponding homing, welding or bolting meet the design requirements, it can function reinforcement. The installation sequence is: install steel purlins , install corner braces, install inter-column supports, install horizontal supports, install pressure bars, and install braces.

Roof and wall panel installation

1)After the beams, columns, purlins, wall beams and other components are all installed and accepted, the roof and wall panels should be installed. Roof installation process; roof profiled board transportation → wipe off the dust → hoist the first board, align it → fix it with metal self-tapping screws → hoist the second board, align it → hoist the second board and the first board The groove and filling are tight → the groove and the purlin are fixed with metal self-tapping screws, the roof slab is installed, the third board is hoisted, and the second board is closely aligned with the groove and mouth filling → the groove and the purlin are fixed with metal self-tapping screws → The fourth piece, the fifth piece, and so on, until the roof profiled plate is installed.

2)The installation of the wall composite panel is the same as that of the roof panel. It is also installed with one piece, filled with tongue and groove, and fixed on the wall beam with self-drilling nails. Because it is installed vertically, there is no corrugation between the panels, and no roof panel is installed.

For the installation of roof profiled panels and wall profiled composite panels, attention should be paid to the tight joint between the panel and the panel. Metal self-tapping nails must be fixed on every purlin and wall beam of each panel. Water leaks.

3)After the roof and wall panels are installed, the corners of the roof, the tops of the two gables and the front and rear walls, and the exposed parts of polyurethane foam must be treated with prefabricated color boards to wrap corners, seal boards, and seal edges. The special-shaped color plate manufacturers have spare parts for special use) When installing, in addition to paying attention to the dense and firm fit, you should also pay attention to neatness and beauty.