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Grateful and Regrettable Due to Covid-19, 2020 was truly an extraordinary year for both customers and LF

In 2020, COVID-19 affected the global economy. The global construction industry was faced with many difficulties such as shipping being blocked, factory shutdown, construction delay etc.

However, we sincerely thank all our LF customers for high level of support and trust in 2020.

The pandemic has truly caused immense difficulties for our customers and LF, as the progress of many projects has been hindered. 

Some projects, we could not supply materials in time; Some of them, we were unable to provide timely installation technical guidance due to route interruption or prohibition of going abroad.

On the other hand, some have been completed with erection guidance, but our engineers were prevented from successfully coming back to China.

dome space frame roof

In the first half of 2020, our factory was forced to shut down, a large number of orders were delayed. Many large projects had stopped work due to lack of materials, particularity in Africa and Asia, which experienced a tremendous impact. We are truly sorry for the inconvenience it caused.

In the middle and latter half of 2020, our production capacity was gradually restored to a complete manufacturing state. We have rushed to work overtime for the projects which delayed as a result of limited supply.

Throughout the year, our customers have trusted and understood us very much. While we deeply apologize, we also feel the understanding, support and trust from our customers. Our customers and LF have weathered the difficulties together. We are deeply grateful!

We are especially grateful to clients who took care and helped LF engineers during those days they

Could not go back to their homeland. They felt the warmth in a foreign country, thus alleviating their loneliness.

Now, with the exception of individual construction sites, most of the engineers have returned to China.

Thank you so much!


During the epidemic period, LF also did its best to help some customers who suffered significant losses, reduce some expenses, and also helped some companies and individuals purchase some epidemic prevention materials, which were sent free of charge. As much as possible to this was our own way of shouldering a little social responsibility, as well as repay our customers and society for their support and understanding of LF.

Since LF engineers could not go to the site for guidance for the moment, emergency plan was activated by remote video guidance service or self-assembly according to our detailed instructions.

However, we are very pleased to see that all projects have been successfully assembled without the site guidance of LF engineers .

Here, we particularly appreciate the following customers. We feel that their technical level and installation level are very good, and the cooperation is also very pleasant. Through the project, we have established mutual trust and ensured long-term cooperation.

The BJMB structure customer in Thailand, who is very professional and trustworthy and we hope you will undertake more and more projects in the future.

space frame structure

Customers in Dubai, BJMB structure and glass lighting, the world’s second largest clock tower dome, 150 meters above the ground, the installation should be affected by wind, but the installation is very good, and the glass is not damaged. Very brilliant and successful.

glass dome roof

Also to our many other customers who are very professional and carried out the projects well. Some projects have been completed, such as the ones in Saudi Arabia, Nigeria, Mongolia, Morocco, Burkina Faso, Ethiopia, Cameroon, South Sudan, U.A.E., LaRenion, etc. Thanks for the help and support from companies such as ThyssenKrupp, SM etc.   

We thank all customers and all LF employees who are struggling around the world, including LF installation engineers, construction engineers, structural engineers, business personnel, and production personnel!                                        

In 2021, the new year, we will do better, serve our customers better, and we will do this with greater enthusiasm in providing feedback to customers who have always supported the LF brand all over the world!