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Hangzhou Grand Theatre

The architecture of Hangzhou Grand Theatre is unique and poetic. Large area USES the champagne color metal roofing that titanium board lays is indicative bright pearl. The large sloping hyperbolic glass curtain is like a bright moon, echoing the golden international conference center, which means “the sun and the moon shine together.”

The sunken amphitheatre combined with waterscape design creates an artistic activity space close to nature. The shallow waters of the square symbolize Hangzhou’s beautiful West Lake, adding infinite vitality and spirituality to the entire building, becoming a landmark building in Hangzhou.

The Hangzhou Grand Theater is elliptical in plan, with a hyperbolic shell and an inverted cone intersecting to form a three-dimensional building shape. In terms of structure, it looks like a cut egg.

The rear roof called “egg shell” is a decorative curtain wall of titanium separated composite roof system, and the large slope part adopts steel pipe truss, cable truss and point glass curtain wall combined with cables. The “egg yolk” part is an inverted cone, divided into two layers, and its structure is a pole-cable structure point glass curtain wall.