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Longquan Middle School Gymnasium

As the first venue to be unveiled and put into use in the 13 new venues of the Chengdu Universiade in 2021, the completion and opening of the Longquan Middle School Gymnasium marks the beginning of the “harvest period” for the construction of the Chengdu Universiade venues. From the appearance, the shape of the Longquan Middle School Gymnasium is very eye-catching.

The venue is rectangular, and the metal aluminum plates on the outer wall are neatly arranged like piano keys, and the smooth curves on the wall complement the Longquan Mountain clearly visible in the distance. The design inspiration for the exterior wall of the gymnasium is to abstract the Longquan Mountains in the distance, and “jump” the undulating shape of the Longquan Mountains on the exterior of the gymnasium.

The project has a total area of 30,000 square meters, advanced equipment, wooden floor, lighting, etc. in accordance with international leading standards. In the gymnasium in the middle school, it reaches the standard of “leading the southwest and compare to the country”. The construction period will be from January 11, 2019 to April 30, 2020, the total construction period is 475 days, and the responsibility acceptance of the five- party shall be completed on May 15.

The Longquan Middle School Gymnasium will undertake basketball training tasks in the Chengdu Universiade next year. After the Universiade, basketball halls, swimming pools, and even fitness rooms and gymnasiums in the gymnasium will be open to the society in addition to satisfying school teaching, to provide a strong guarantee for the development of regional sports undertakings and national fitness.