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High-rise steel structure and space frame structure technology

High-rise steel structure technology. According to the building height and design requirements, frame, frame support, cylindrical and mega frame structures are used respectively , and its components can be made of steel, stiffened reinforced concrete or steel tube concrete. Steel components are light in weight and good in ductility, and can be welded steel or rolled steel, which is suitable for super high-rise buildings; rigid reinforced concrete components have high rigidity and good fire resistance, and are suitable for medium and high-rise buildings or bottom structures; steel pipe concrete is easy to construct, For column structures only.   

Space frame structure technology. The space frame structure has light weight, high rigidity, beautiful appearance and fast construction speed. Ball-joint flat space frame, multi-layer variable cross-section space frame and reticulated shells with steel pipes as rods are the structural types with the largest amount of space steel structures in my country. It has the advantages of high spatial rigidity and low steel consumption, and can provide complete CAD in accordance with the design, construction and inspection regulations. In addition to the space frame structure, the space structure also includes a long-span suspension cable structure and a cable-membrane structure.